Free or Reduced Rate Passes

Motor Vehicle Licenses

  • Free Disabled Veteran: A copy of your Federal VA rating letter showing you receive service connected compensation at the 100% rate must be mailed to the Dept of Licensing along with your disabled veteran plate application.  You can request a copy of your Federal VA rating letter by calling 1-800-827-1000.

Reduced Fishing/Hunting License

The Department of Fish and Wildlife encourages all persons to experience recreation in Washington's wonderful outdoors. The ADA Committee is proactive and dedicated to providing persons with disabilities access to hunting, fishing and wildlife viewing opportunities.  The following are eligible for a combination fishing license and/or hunting license(s). These licenses are issued at a discounted rate.  See Disability Fee Schedule.

  • Resident veterans with honorable discharge with at least 30% service connected disability as verified by VA letter
  • Resident veterans with honorable discharge who are 65 years of age or older with a service connected disability as verified by VA letter
  • Resident who permanently uses a wheelchair as certified by the doctor
  • Resident who is blind or visually impaired
  • Resident with a developmental disability as determined by DSHS authority or physicians signature

License/Permit Eligibility Requirements for People with Disabilities and Veterans: Don’t let your service connected disability prevent you from enjoying WA State’s hunting and fishing opportunities! If your disability meets WDFW guidelines you may be eligible to;

  • Have a designated companion assist in hunting or fishing.
  • Access special hunting and fishing areas.

For more information:

or Contact Dolores Noyes
FAX: 360-902-2392

State and Federal Park Passes

State Parks - you must include a copy of your ID when you submit your application.

  • You may visit your nearest park or park region headquarters and pick up an application or write, telephone, or visit the Washington State Parks headquarters at:
    Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission
    1111 Israel Road SW
    P.O. Box 42650
    Olympia, WA 98504
    Ph: 360-902-8500
    Ph: 360-664-3133 (TDD / TTY)

  • A Disabled Veterans Pass provides free camping/moorage, campsite reservations through State Parks central reservations system, watercraft launching, trailer dump. Valid year-round. Offered to Washington state residents with a documented service-connected disability of at least 30 percent.
  • [star] There are new fees associated with using Recreational Lands in Washington State.  
  • Find out how the new Discover Pass affects Disabled Veteran Lifetime Pass-holders

Federal Parks
America the Beautiful – National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass – Access Pass - Free.This is a lifetime pass for U.S. citizens or permanent residents with permanent disabilities. Documentation is required to obtain the pass. Acceptable documentation includes: statement by a licensed physician; document issued by a Federal agency such as the Veteran’s Administration, Social Security Disability Income or Supplemental Security Income. The pass can only be obtained in person at the park. The Access Pass provides a 50 percent discount on some Expanded Amenity Fees charged for facilities and services such as camping, swimming, boat launching, and specialized interpretive services. In some cases where Expanded Amenity Fees are charged, only the pass holder will be given the 50 percent price reduction. The pass is non-transferable and generally does NOT cover or reduce special recreation permit fees or fees charged by concessionaires.

Reduced Public Transportation Fees

Ferry Fares (reduced fares may be available to any disabled individuals)

Persons with Disabilities: Disabled passengers may travel at half the regular passenger fare if proper proof of disability is presented. Acceptable ID includes a Medicare Card, the Regional Reduced Fare Permit, or other identification which establishes disability. Car placards or license plates are not sufficient. In the case of a disabled driver, only the passenger portion of the fare is reduced, not the vehicle portion. If a disabled customer requires attendant care and has proof from physician certification, they can get an endorsement on their Regional Reduced Fare Permit or Ferry System Disability Card allowing the attendant to travel for free as a passenger. Contact 206-553-3060 for Regional Reduced Fare Permit information or 1‑888‑808‑7977 for WSF Disability Permit information.

Sales of Automotive Adaptive Equipment to Disabled Veterans 

  • Effective August 1, 2013, sales of add-on automotive adaptive equipment prescribed by a physician to a disabled veteran or a disabled member of the armed forces, are exempt from retail sales tax and/ or use tax. This exemption expires July 1, 2018. Substitute Senate Bill (SSB) 5072, (Chapter 211, Laws of 2013) provides a retail sales tax exemption for the: Ÿ Sale of the adaptive equipment. Ÿ Labor and services charges incurred for installing and repairing the equipment. 
  • See Special Notice for More Information